Professional Painters and Decorators in Tamworth, Staffordshire

Look no further than Rosebud Upcycling in Tamworth for all of your Painting and Decorating needs. Also specialising in furniture restoration we can help inject life back into your home with our trusted refurbishment services.We offer a full decorating service on all dwelling's

INTERIORS- Covering all aspects of painting and decorating we can revive your woodwork, hang your chosen wallpaper and also revitalise your existing furniture - potentially saving you money on your project. 

EXTERIOR- Masonry, Window Frames, Facia Boards, Guttering.

WALL COVERING- All type's of wall covering's hung, embossed, vinyl's, silk's & wide vinyl's.

SPRAY-FINISHES- Airless & Conventional, Multi colour wall finishes, Stain's & Varnishes.

SPECIAL FINISHES- Aged look, Rag rolling & wipes, Wood Graining & Liming.


FURNITURE RESTORATION & SALES- Please check out our products.

UPHOLSTERY SERVICE- Carried out by a fully qualified craftsmen.


All our decoration is carried out by City & Guild Craftsmen with 35 year's experience 

Clean Workmanship

Need help clearing your home before your project can begin? Check our House Clearance Services